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Industry leading marine supply materials.

  • Brentwood Vinyl Sheet Pile offer a high-strength, green alternative to conventional wooden bulkheads, or seawalls. They are constructed of weather-resistant, 100% recycled PVC material, designed to protect waterfront properties and withstand harsh marine environments. Brentwood bulkheads can be installed in any location and are available in three different grades to fit the needs of your application.
  • Greenheart Wood Piles & Dimensional Lumber 
    • Non-polluting
    • Naturally fire-resistant
    • High density and strength
    • Highly attractive apprearance

Greenheart or “Chlorocardium rodiei” has rapidly become a leading material for sustainable and environmentally friendly applications due its lack of harmful chemicals, superior strength and durability. It also has high shock resistance, great crushing strength and a high density. Greenheart is also highly resistant to fire.

For piling which is typically used for marine applications, available lengths range from 12 feet to 75 feet long with diameters on the larger end (Butt) of 12” to 22”. Greenheart is 3-4 times stronger than Pine and it offers great protection against the harsh elements in the Northeast such as ice and abrasion making it a superior alternative versus CCA treated Pine pilings.

Greenheart has an attractive appearance with a pale olive color and ranks second only to teak in its natural resistance to marine borers and other insects attacks.