Bluewater Welding & Fabrication | Manufacturer of Custom Aluminum Products

Bluewater Welding & Fabrication is a manufacturer specializing in the design and fabrication of custom aluminum products for the marine and construction industries with commercial and residential applications…

Aluminum Floating Docks

Aluminum Piers / Stationary Docks / Pedestrian Bridges

Aluminum Gangways / Ramps

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum Architectural Structures / Custom Waterfall Pool Pergolas

Aluminum Boat Towers / T-tops / Arches / Leaning Posts / Bow Rails

Aluminum Truck Ladder Racks / Rod Racks

Marine Dock Accessories / Kayak Racks / Paddle Board Racks

Our Aluminum Products are non-polluting, maintenance free, durable, and corrosion resistant, using marine grade aluminum.

Est. 2002… We have a reputation for exceeding expectations for 20 years! 

Why Bluewater?

  • Fully Welded Fabrication
  • Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Custom Designs & Engineered Plans Welcomed
  • Powder Coating Available
  • Optional ADA Compliant Products
  • All Products Non-polluting / DEP Compliant
  • Nationwide Shipping Available & Free Local Delivery for Docks, Piers & Gangways.

Why Aluminum?

The marine-grade aluminum we use is extruded to our specifications; demonstrating excellent weathering abilities due to its rust prohibiting properties and strength. The naturally-occurring protective layer called aluminum oxide, is automatically regenerated if scratched off. This corrosion shield prevents degradation from the sun, salt, fuels, and water—some of the major reasons why steel, concrete, wood and other materials deteriorate…..providing cost savings during transportation, installation, and throughout its long life span. Maintenance is virtually eliminated while product longevity is increased.

Aluminum is cooler to the touch than wood, steel and most composite wood and suitable for any climate as aluminum stays cool to the touch even in the heat of summer yet is strong enough to support heavy snow loads.

Aluminum is the perfect material, as it is extremely durable and has a favorable weight to strength ratio.